Monday, November 2, 2009


Are you looking to start couponing? It can be very overwhelming when you don't know what is going many different ways to organize, the store policies, lingo, and more. No wonder so many people give up before they start!

Here are the links you need to get you started!

Is Couponing Worth It? (there are other helpful links within this post to guide you on your couponing journey)
How I "Clip" My Coupons
Coupon Binder Organization
Making the Most of Your Coupons
Walgreens Register Rewards: The Lowdown
Getting Going with Rite Aid Rebates
Store Policies for using Coupons
Coupon Lingo
Clipping Coupons: What is it Worth?

More helpful couponing links:

Rebates: Getting Started
Costco Price Comparison List
2010 Coupon Schedule
How Stores Get Reimbursed for Coupons


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