Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The lowdown on Walgreens Register Rewards

**As of April 2009 Walgreens has discontinued their rebate program.**

I have been rebate and RR shopping at Walgreens for six years. It is not a new program. It takes time to get the system down, so don't get frustrated! As long as you understand how it works it is smooth sailing. Many people have had questions on Walgreen's Register Rewards and how they work. Hopefully these responses will answer your questions!

What is a Register Reward (RR?) A Register Reward is printed off after a certain item or combination of items are purchased from Walgreens. These deals change week to week and can be spotted in the Walgreens circulars. The RRs that are printed off can be used like cash at any Walgreens as long as you pay attention to the expiration dates on the RRs and follow a few easy rules. You have to owe more than the amount your RR is worth - this total cannot include medicines, gift cards and pharmacy items (in most stores).

You cannot buy two of the same product offering RRs and expect two RRs to print off.

Example: Last week when I purchased the Vaseline lotion and the Colgate toothpaste, each bottle of lotion and each tube of toothpaste had to be done in a separate transaction so I could get the $2 RR for the lotion and the $3.29 RR for the toothpaste each time. Since they were two different RR promos I could do them in the same purchase.

You can't use a RR from one product purchase to purchase an identical product and get another RR.

Example: After I purchased my Colgate toothpaste for $3.29 and used my coupon, I received my $3.29 RR after payment. I was making another purchase with more Colgate toothpaste next. If I would have used my $3.29 RR towards that purchase, I would have not gotten another $3.29 RR for my second toothpaste purchase. You just need to save the RRs for other purchases or other RR purchases. You can use a RR from an unrelated deal like a $3 reward from a different product, just not one from an identical deal to what you are doing.

Why is my RR beeping and not working on my order? You must buy a product that you have NO coupon for each Register Reward you use. If you have a coupon for every item in your order, whether they are manufacturer or store coupons, you will need to buy a 'filler item'...like e a .25 candy bar so the RR has something to attach itself to.

Example: If you are buying 3 packs of diapers, 2 bottles of Garnier, and Sambucol in one order, you will need a filler item (if you want to use an older RR on your transaction) because every item in your order will have a coupon with it. Just remember too what was discussed above.

As long as you buy the correct product(s), they're programmed correctly by Walgreens and if the register's printer is working properly, the catalina will print. If it doesn't, it's a problem in one of these three areas. It has nothing to do with any coupons you used or anything else. Don't let the cashier tell you you can't use coupons on RR orders. All you need to remember is to make sure your total comes to the right amount BEFORE coupons. Then you will be fine!

Example: When I bought my Huggies the other morning, I bought 3 pks for $10. That brought my total to $30. The required amount for the RR is $25. So I reached my required limit. Then I used my $15 in coupons. I got my $10 RR at the end of the transaction.

Watch the expiration dates! RR have short expiration dates, less than 2 weeks. So don't let them expire.

Try to plan your Walgreen's trips around your RR that you have to use. Use them on the Free After Rebate items if you have nothing else to spend them on. If the RR are about to expire, use them on items you need all the time anyway. Don't let them go to waste!


The Hendricks ID said...

Do you know about the buy one get one free. Like this week the coffee mate and then you use two coupons making it free actually with overage. The Meridian and overland store wouldn't let me use two coupons but I got the infor from a local blog do you have any suggestions on bogo deals and if it should be ok to use two coupons? What is your experience because I have done it just fine before in fact last time the coffee mate was on sale.

Marne said...

Unfortunately each store is different on their policies with coupons on B1G1F items. Some stores you can do it, others you can't. YMMV (your mileage may vary) on that.

Denny1600 said...

I really appreciate that you put all this helpful information out to the public. It's really helpful to me!

I have a basic question about Walgreen's. When you do multiple transactions in the same day, do you do one transaction, take the stuff out to your car, come back in and shop again? Or . . . do you do all your shopping all at once and then have the clerk ring them up as separate transactions. Just wanting to look like I know what I'm doing when I start to figure this out.

Thanks again!

Denny in Arizona

Marne said...

Hi Denny, you are welcome!

Yes, I usually just do all my transactions in the same visit. But since Walgreens is right by my house it is no big deal to go back again later if I need to also. They really don'y mind at all. I know many people when they start doing this feel wierd about doing the seperate transactions but Walgreens cashiers are used to it. Otherwise you don't get the RR you want if you don't, and they know that. I just try to go at a time of day that is not busy so I don't cause a problem with other customers.

Hope that helps!

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