Saturday, November 21, 2009

Coupon Binder Organization

Remember last week when I posted a picture of my coupon binder? I couldn't even close it!
(Sorry for the bad pictures. Our camera is going out and we are looking for a new one).

I was in need of a coupon organization makeover! I did some research and found a HUGE binder that would work to hold all my coupons. I get 6 copies of the Sunday paper so it accumulates quickly. Here she is folks....whalla! My new HUGE coupon binder!

Isn't she beautiful! This is the Case-It Dual 500 dual binder 2-in-1 zipper binder. What a name, huh! I have been in love ever since the Fed Ex man came with her. As you can see, she expands up to 5 inches...which gives me plenty of room to store all those coupons. I can zip it closed with ease.

In the front are pockets where I keep the current weekly ads. I don't like going to the store without them. I also keep my weekly coupon list here for easy reference.

The front opens up to reveal lots of compartments for storage. Pens, calculators, highlighters, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Now to the coupons. See my post below on how I organize my coupons. That is a separate post in and of itself. This binder is perfect for lots of coupons as it has two sets of binder rings. One large and one small.

The larger ring on the left is where I keep my Smart Source and Red Plum inserts. The right side is where I keep my Proctor and Gamble and General Mills inserts.

In the very back I have a pouch where I keep printable coupon, catalinas, and other items I will be using soon. Behind that I am putting clear holders to put the rest of my printable coupons, store coupons, and catalinas. I will have a separate page for each store, ie Target, I can keep everything together.

In the very back is another storage compartment for whatever you need. Right now this is where I have my calculator, pens, highlighters and such. I might move them though. I haven't decided if I like them there.

The binder is pretty heavy, but it also has a shoulder strap too! Awesome.

If you are liking this idea, get your binder on Amazon. I checked around and Amazon is the cheapest place to buy these bad babies. Order a 'filler item' to get your price up to $25 and you will get free shipping. I just googled 'filler item' and found something for .20 cents. Here is a link for easy ordering.
Caseit Dual500 Dual Ring Zipper Binder, Extra Large, Purple (Dual 500 PUR)

Here is the LINK to the Case-It website for more info on the binder. But Amazon has the best price.

Let me know what you think! Go here to see how I organize my coupons.


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CJ Sime said...

HOLY COW!!!! 5 inches!! I am green with complete envy. You win.

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