Saturday, November 21, 2009

How I 'clip' my coupons

In the past couple of months I have changed how I organize my coupons. Since I get so many Sunday newspapers (6), I thought I would share how I now organize my coupons. I no longer clip my coupons and store them in a file. It would take me forever and they would not fit! Here is what I do.

When I get my inserts I rip them apart at the spine so each page is separate. Then I lay them out in piles of the same page. Sometimes when the inserts are thick I have 15 pages, other times I have less. It just depends on how thick the inserts are. Then I staple each set together.

My baby loves watching me do this, lol!

Then after I have stapled each set I label it on the front, like so. The date and what insert it is (SS=Smart Source). There are also Red Plum inserts, General Mills inserts, and Proctor and Gamble inserts.

Then I stick them in sheet protectors by date. I also organize them by insert. So all my Smart Source inserts are together, Red Plum are together, etc. When I need a coupon I just take out the stapled set and cut out what I need at the store.

So far I really like organizing my coupons this way because it cuts down on wasted cutting time. Many, many times I would spend time planning out my trip, clipping the coupons I needed then when I got to the store they were out of what I wanted and I was left with a mess of coupons to refile. Now I cut only what I need when I need it. I love it! And as the coupons expire I just take out the whole insert. So easy.

And I know you are wondering how in the world I find the coupon I need, right? SUPER EASY. PinchingYourPennies has a updated weekly list of available coupons in alphabetical order. So I print out that list, keep it in my binder and I am good to go. Takes me 2 minutes tops to find what I need.

I do have some folders in the back of the binder where I keep printable coupons, store coupons, and catalinas. I still have lots of clipped coupons so I will be carrying around my accordion file for a little longer.

My next post is on my coupon binder, so stay tuned!

Oh, and I only pay $12 a month for the daily paper PLUS 5 Sunday papers. Then a friend gives me her Sunday paper too. It is so cheap to buy it that way instead of separately. I make up the $12 cost EASILY every month. Many times I triple or quadruple the savings. If you live in my area I can tell you how to get that deal. If you don't, call your local paper to see if they offer a deal on multiple Sunday subscriptions.

Why do I get multiple Sunday papers? Because it gives me more coupons so when there are great deals I can stock up! Its a great way to build up your food storage without breaking the bank.



Nikki said...

I also do it similar to this for the same reason but I do not separate the pages. I just label the front of the insert with the date and put them in my page protector that way. Saves so much time and then I cut and clip only the ones I need before I go to the store. The only problem is that if I find a clearance item or something else I wasn't planning on I don't have the rest of my coupons with me. I might have to try it your way. Although, I hate bringing my whole binder with me.

Marne said...

In the past I also hated doing the binder. So I didn't. But now its kind of needed with all the coupons I get. The nice thing about separating the pages is that you can see each coupon instantly. You don't have to flip through the whole insert to find your coupon.

Sara S. said...

I like your idea, because I hate all the wasted time that goes into clipping and organizing. And I don't like just keeping the inserts together in a file, because I never have them with me. However, I want to know when you end up clipping your coupons? Do you do that in the store after you've found what you want? I'm not a big fan of clipping in the store either, but maybe it's the better way. Please share more!

Marne said...

Hi Sara,

It really depends on the store and the sale with how I clip the coupons. When I am going to a big sale at Albertson's, I clip in the store. It really does save time in the long run because what I pre-clip at home might not be in stock on the shelves. So I can just clip what I need to then. If I am making a small trip to Rite Aid I will pre-clip. If I don't end up using some coupons then I will put them back into the sheet protector where I originally got them from. I don't especially love clipping in the store but it has worked good for me the past couple of months.

Suzanne said...

How many sheet protectors do you think you have in your binder? (How big of a box should I buy?) Thanks!

Marne said...

Suzanne, I get my sheet protectors at Costco. I box of 250 is only $12. And they are the heavy duty ones too. I always have a box of those on hand anyway. Right now I have close to 160 sheet protectors in my binder. But I have to go through it and take out the expired ones from the end of February. And since there was only one insert on Sunday I will take out probably 20 and put 10 back in.

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