Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Costco again & finding deals

A few months ago I had a post on Costco and price comparison shopping. This dilemma comes up for me every now and then...is it really worth the membership to shop there?

I remember when Costco was only $40 per year...now we pay $50 per year. I would really have to spend some time adding up the savings to see if I make my membership fee back each year. I probably do.....but I have come to the conclusion that Costco is also a fun place to shop...a place where you want to go to see what they have in stock, get some samples, and see what new things they have in. You pay for the experience most of the time, don't you think? I have had some friends tell me they can never get out of Costco for less than $125. REALLY? I suppose I think that is weird because I stick to my list. Rarely, very rarely will I purchase something impulsively at Costco. It all adds up! I don't like to spend unnecessary money. Additionally, many things I purchase at Costco last me a long time, so I don't need to go back all that often. Besides, when I do go back when I don't really need anything specific, it is easier to be tempted to spend money that I shouldn't. So I just don't.

I almost didn't renew our membership this year, but I did. I am finding myself being sucked into their trap! I used to split a membership with my sis-in-law, but I found I missed the coupons that way since they only send them to one address and she got them! I have found that almost 100% of the time, most grocery food items (except for bulk goods, spices, salad, and the like) are not good deals. Note that I said grocery food items. If you watch the ads, price match at Walmart or use coupons, you can get much, much better deals at the supermarket. Here is a blog with a post on some examples of that. There isn't any difference when I stock up on a killer sale for ketchup at the grocery store by purchasing 24 bottles or buying the same amount at Costco...except for the price!

If you are wary about using coupons or don't know where to begin, here is a good place to start. Knowing a little about coupon rules doesn't hurt either. The gals at Pinching Your Pennies are awesome...they spend many many hours putting together shopping lists for us, matching up coupons with the sales, and more. Check out Pinching Your Pennies if you haven't already. It is FREE! Many other websites have similar services but charge a fee. Why pay for it?

Here and here are a couple of my examples from deal shopping. I have had hundreds more but I don't always document them. My best one ever was a few years ago at Albertson's when I got cereal for .32 cents a box. I had about 40 boxes in my garage. Here is an example from Faye and how you can increase your savings by utilizing double and triple coupon days with sales. WOW!

Please post any questions you might have or comments about Costco or using coupons and sales to stock up at the grocery store. I would love to hear them!


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April said...

It is all about the experience!!!!!costco is closer for me than our closest grocery store...sometimes when I don't feel like chasing the ads for milk and bread and such I always go to Costco knowing they are usually cheaper- plus gas is always 10 cents cheaper at least there- I always earn my $50 membership with their gas prices

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