Friday, September 21, 2007

Good up your food storage!

I went to Albertson's with $15 worth of coupons to get some great deals on their Quaker sale this week. LOTS of great Quaker products are on $10 for 10, so utilize that with coupons and you can get lots of stuff for .50 each or free! Here is my trip:

I purchased all of these items and spent a total of $31, and that is including tax! Unfortunately, I did not have a coupon for everything this time like I do most of the time, so if you had coupons to match up with everything you would spend much less. I got 4 items for free after coupons, and the rest was about .50-$1 each. If you average my grand total with the number of items I bought, I spent only .67 per item. Since I don't have the luxury of double or triple coupon trips, this is a great sale for me.If I had had more coupons for this sale, I could have reduced my total by another $3.

Did anyone else hit the Albies sale? I know Bethany got some SUPER deals due to a price mistake that Albies honored...GO BETHANY! Anyone else want to share any current shopping scores? Time to brag!


Tami said...

I hit the Albies sale! It was great! I had lots of coupons and spent $15 and saved $165. A GREAT sale was on the Post Shredded Wheat cereal. It overlapped 2 sales and when you bought 5 boxes of the cereal for $10 you got an automatic $3 off, free milk (if the checkers still had coupson) and 2 catalinas for $3 off your next order. Great deal!

Karri said...

i just found you had another site. It is awesome and inspiring. I have totaly been on the food storage kick for the last year. I'm having 500 lbs of wheat coming next week. I hit the sale also and stocked up on Oatmeal and cereal bars. Did you get the one sale they had on cereal two weeks before? they had all Post cereal (after all the coupons) 10 for $5. We have 40 boxes of cereal right now which I will replace as we go through and hopefully will always have 40 box of cereal. that should definately last us a year! Thanks for your inspiration!

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