Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Okay, I have been slacking. Due to the Christmas season and how insanely busy my life has been I have put this blog on hold. I have been asked some questions lately that I have posted several months ago, so I wanted to compile them all here. If you still have questions about anything, please leave a comment.

Do you have questions about couponing? How do you start? What to do first? Check this LINK first for basic information. Check HERE and HERE for some coupon rules. HERE is a shopping example.

Click HERE for some detailed information on rebates and how they work.

[around town]
Click on this LINK to see several free or cheap things to do around town. There is more than you think!

[free product samples]
This LINK will take you to the how-to on product samples. These are so fun, and so addicting! Product samples are perfect for your 72 hour kits, emergency stash, and traveling. You can never have enough. Click on the product samples link over on the right (under how to get started) and it will take you to more sample links.

[online shopping]
HERE is some fabulous information you need to know before doing shopping online. This LINK can give you many codes for free digital prints! Plus, HERE you can find out how to get some great free magazines.

Additionally, check out the sidebar on this blog. Over on the right. I have several categories set up with links to many freebies, great websites with loads of great information.

Feel free to leave comments or questions. After the new year I would like to revamp a little.

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