Thursday, August 2, 2007

Product Samples

Product samples things I think everyone should have. They are easy to get, free, and fun! Here are a few reasons they are useful and good to have on hand:
1. They are PERFECT for 72 hour kits! (Plus, it keeps the cost down.)
2. Great for traveling.
3. It is always nice to have something on hand when you run out and can't get to the store
4. I love helping out others...remember Sherri, when you were moving last year and you had already packed your laundry detergent, you had laundry to do and you couldn't get to the store? Marne to the rescue with her detergent samples!! :)

It really isn't hard to get started, and you won't get lots of annoying junk email. Granted, you will get some because that what happens. So, first you need to be okay with that. Set up an email specifically for freebies, samples, and deals that you give out. That will keep them at bay. Here are some websites to get started. They are the perfect ones to get going on:
Walmart...these are constantly changing. Check several times a week, and you can always request more than one. They always come!
StartSampling ...I have been getting samples from these guys for 5 years. They are great! You can only request one sample every 24 hours though.

Another tip is every time you see a new commercial for a new product out, especially Dove, they always offer free samples. Go to the company's website and look for a link. But also keep checking pinching your pennies, because people always post links there for free samples also. There is a forum called Less Than a Penny where you can get free stuff!

Just remember, the key to all of this is organization. Have a designated space for your samples. I have mine in a tote, and divided into categories using Ziploc bags that I have labeled on the outside, ie, face care samples, hair care samples, etc. Being organized makes it all easier, simpler and you always know where everything is.

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