Monday, March 16, 2009

Albertson's and competitor coupons

I talked with the store manager at my Albertson's this morning. There has been much confusion around here lately with what coupons Albertson's will accept, including the Walgreens Register Rewards. Here is what I was told:

As of March 18th, ALL Albertson's will no longer be accepting any competitor coupons. However, this DOES NOT include Walgreens Register Rewards. RR are manufacturer catalina coupons and Albertson's gets reimbursed 100% for those. So even after March 18th Albertson's WILL STILL be accepting Walgreen's RR. I am so excited about that!

If you have any questions I suggest you talking to your store manager. But I know for my area this is what is happening.

Hurry and use those store competitor coupons by tomorrow!

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