Tuesday, September 23, 2008


There are a lot of new people visiting my blog. I have gone from 24 visits per day to 150 visits per day! WOW! I wanted to remind everyone new to check out my sidebar. I have links to basic information that you need to know about couponing, doing rebates, and getting all sorts of good deals! Here are the categories:

Around-town fun
Coupons 101
Free digital prints
Free Product Samples
General coupon rules
Magazine subscriptions
Online shopping
Printable coupon links
Walgreens FAQ

(I know the digital prints category is out of date...I really need to update that. It takes a lot of time and I just haven't found the time to do it yet. But hopefully I will soon.)

I recently started a category on the sidebar of current free samples you can get. I hope I can keep that current for you. I also have links to tons of great freebies, including digital scrapbooking!

I also have categories on my sidebar of some great websites to visit and learn about. Check those out too! I love comments and participation so don't be shy! In the past year I have done a few giveaways too...and there just might be more down the road. So stay tuned!



Janiel said...

I am one of your new-bie readers and I must tell you I LOVE your blog!!! I love freebies, deals, coupons, etc and now I can find them all in one place. My poor husband is sick of me telling him about how wonderful your blog is...granted he has been loving some of the things I find from you. Again LOVE, LOVE your blog, thank you and keep it up!
(my own blog is www.janielbishop.blogspot.com if you want to check it out)

Heather said...

question for ya... i just got the geotrax dvd that you mentioned. But then i realized that i never got the planet heroes one that i ordered (which I think I ordered before this one). did you get your planet heroes one?

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