Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday Deals

There are many business establishments across your town that offer freebies or discounts on your birthday! Here are some that I know about. Some of the links are for children only, some are for anyone. I'm sure there are many more out there.

Cold Stone Creamery
Baskin Robbins
Toys R Us
Texas Roadhouse (become a Texas Roadie)
Hollywood Video (free rental)
Dairy Queen (free blizzard on your bday)
Red Robin
TGI Friday's (free appetizer on your bday and one for signing up)
Krispy Kreme (join "Friends of Krispy Kreme" to get free doughnuts)
Red Lobster ($5 coupon off next visit)
Melting Pot Club Fondue (free dessert fondue for two!)

Most retailers are happy to give you a discount or a freebie on your birthday. Ask if they have birthday discounts before you go.

Here is a website that lists lots of birthday deals and discounts at various restaurants. If you know of any birthday deals not listed here, let us know!



The Boojes said...

My husband got on this kick before his birthday in June! I think Coldstone (FREE ice cream!) and Red Robin (FREE burger!) are the best, but he also found that Noodles and Co gives a free entree, Houlihans (is that just local to MO?) does as well...we had a lot of fun getting free food around his birthday! And, of course, we signed our son and me up for our turns too! =)

Vanessa said...

ahhh ok best post ever ! I need to bookmark all these places, the only ones I knew about were tucanos and cold stone!
Be sure to enter in the giveaway I have, it is a kiddie one buy hey free stuff is always good!

Marne said...

Thanks both for posting! I'm sure there are many more birthday freebies and discounts out there I have missed, so feel free to add!

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