Thursday, August 28, 2008

Michael's clearance

I was at Michael's today getting some preschool supplies for the preschool co-op I am involved in this fall. I ran across a 90% off clearance rack and came away with some great deals! I paid $2.72 for everything pictured here. For all ten items I purchased that is around .28 per item! There were also many things on clearance that I didn't get....foam stickers , felt stickers for scrapbooking, glitter stickers, foam visors, kits for decorating crocs, charms, bead kits, yarn craft kits....that's I all I can remember but there was quite a selection. This is a perfect time to stock up for fall/winter craft projects for your kids, or even birthday presents and gifts for the upcoming holidays.

They also had a 70% off rack with home decor items (vases, pots, baskets, etc) and fake flowers.


Tonya said...

We must have hit the same sale. I got some foam stamps for .10!

Tami said...

WoW! You got some good deals. I need to go over there and see if I can find anything!

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