Monday, September 1, 2008

Free Kids Jeans

I know the title to my post is somewhat misleading....but I will explain how you can get some free replacement jeans. Did you know you could get free replacement jeans for your kids? You can! This is the perfect program for kids who are hard on their jeans and wear holes in the knees constantly. But wait...none of us have children like that, do we?

With any of their kids jeans, any brand in their store, when your child wears it out before they outgrow it, they will replace it FREE. It has to be the same item, same size. No receipt is needed. If the exact item is not in stock when you go to replace it, they will help you find a comparable item to replace it with.

Sign up at the store for their Kids Advantage program. With this program, any article of clothing will be replaced for free if it wears out before your child grows out of it. I am told that even shoes count! I have not tried that myself, so I would ask to make sure. It works like Shopko...the item is replaced by the same item, same size.

Is anyone aware of other stores that do this?

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Amy n Nick said...

I have a comment for not kids clothes but at Downeast,the two in pocatello anyways is having a 50% thier clearance.I have been there 5 or six times!I got skirts and blouses and the layering camis and lace tanks.Skirts were about ten.My under camis and tanks were2 or 3.I got Lucky jeans for 1.00 And 1.50!!Perfect condition.American Eagle hooded sweatshirts and sweaters for my husband,older son and daughter for 1.00 and 2.00.The best deal was on Big star Jeans.If you know what they are they go for over 100.00 or more at The Buckle.And even used on ebay for 50.00 or more.I got them from 1.25 to 7.00 a pair!!!So even if they didnt have my size I bought them.Because I turn around and sell them on Ebay for 60.00 and up!I also got lil camis and lace tank and long sleeve tees for my 3 year old at 2.00 a peice in every color!So for getting my daughter 15 pairs of pants,20 different sweaters and hoodies,5 skirts.10 different under shirtsI paid 158.00!My savings was 8,347.00!!I even went back to get all my sisters 100.00 jeans and American eagle sweaters for birthday presents!they dont have to know!

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