Friday, February 26, 2010

Frugal Living Friday: Homemade Foam Soap

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How many of us have had these empty foam bottles left over? Thrown them in the garbage? Or even in the recycle bin? more! Save those foam soap pumps, because when the soap is gone you can refill it yourself...for a fraction of the cost!

It is really easy. Just take your regular liquid soap, any scent, and fill it about an inch or so in your pump container, like so.

Then fill it up with warm water (slowly or it will foam up like crazy and go everywhere) until the container is full. Put the lid on and shake it up to mix the soap and water together. Warm water helps it mix together better.

See how nicely it foams when all done?

I really like to use foaming soap with my kids. They don't waste so much soap this way. I have also done this with scented soap. Works great and it gives the soap color too.

Have you tried this before?



Kellie said...

I am so trying this! I love foam soap, but don't love the price! Thanks for the tip...glad to see you are getting back in the game too, I only have 3 and don't know how you do it! Thanks again!

Katie said...

I do this all of the time and LOVE it! It saves money and is so easy. I even use dish soap in my kitchen, then when I need a little soap to wash a pan (or hands) it is right there.

April said...

I do this and have done it for about 3 years. I discovered this worked when my son added water to a half empty pump from bed bath and body! I loved the idea you can save about a 1/3 of the cost and make it last 3/4 longer! Thanks for sharing!

Sara S. said...

Yep! This is great. I add a couple of drops of essential oils to mine too to give it a little bit of scent and anitbacterial properties.

Lindsay Riggs said...

Thanks! Worked like a charm!

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