Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's worth the money?

Yes, I love to use coupons. I find thrills off getting freebies and super great deals.

But face it. There are many things that cost you money. Good money. And many of those things are WORTH spending the money on! Granted you can still try to find the best deal on those things...however, it is worth it sometimes to spend some money on items that are better for you or that make life better.

I want to share today the items that for me and my family are worth spending money on.

I buy clear aloe vera gel for me. I use it as hair gel. It might sound a little weird. I have naturally curly hair which tends to get dry. This gel not only keeps it hydrated but it does it without adding any other harmful chemicals or alcohol to my hair. I have been using it on my hair for a few years now and I won't use anything else.

Our family has always been high dental maintenance. If you want to know where all our money goes, look into my mouth. (Plus we don't have dental insurance so it can add up fast). But since getting Sonicare toothbrushes two years ago I have not had one cavity! Not one! That is a big deal around here. My teeth have been healthier and stronger since using them too. Both my husband and I use them. I want to get some for my kids too.

Last week I told you how I am finally excited to have my Dyson vacuum! Now that I got my husband on board with it. I am so happy with it already. I have hated replacing vacuums every couple of years. Cheap things. This one was worth every penny...especially since I got it at half the price!

I try to get these wipes on sale and many times I do. I even got 3 canisters for free a few weeks ago at Albertson's. But even if I can't find them on sale I will buy them. Usually at Costco. Having these wipes makes my life easier, and I am willing to pay for them!

Some other items that I will spend the money on for me or my family:
  • Certain Dri
  • Mountain High Yoghurt
  • a good router (we went through several cheap ones)
  • new mattresses

What is worth spending money on to you?



Rachelle's site said...

I use Cetaphil on my face and nothing else. I will pay regular price for it but sometimes I can find it on sale.

Tiffani said...

I have the sonicare toothbrushes for all six of us in the family. No dental insurance for us, either...this has to be a huge money saver. We have had very little cost in cavities - maybe a total of two, which is amazing!

Humm....I like to spend money on Stampin' Up! products.

I'm not really picky about much else...usually it's whatever is the best deal or I will wait until it's the price I will pay.

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