Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Patience Gets You a Dyson

I have been waiting years for this beauty to become a member of our family. And my sweet hubby got it for me last week (the day I started getting sick, no less). Yay!

However, since this is a money saving blog I thought I would share how I got my Dyson. I have been 'saving my pennies' for a long time for one of these babies. In eleven years we have purchased 3 vacuums. They would have paid for two Dysons! My husband and I decided a long time ago that we would not make purchases without having the money first. We just don't put things on credit because we want them. We do have a credit card though. And I like to earn points for rewards so after we have the money saved up for a purchase we put the charge on the card to earn points but when the bill comes there is no scrambling to pay the balance. We already have the money saved for it.

Anyhoo, I got off track for a minute. So yes we had been saving for a better vacuum. In fact, my current vacuum (which I bought 4 years ago for $250 at Sears) was only surviving thanks to heavy duty nail glue. I was hoping it would last another day...until I found a great deal for a Dyson. Finally!

Last week Kohl's was having one of their fabulous 30% off sales when you used your Kohl's card, PLUS $10 Kohl's cash back for each $50 you spent. I knew we had to jump on this...especially since I knew my vacuum might not last another week. When my hubby came home he actually spent almost the same amount as our last vacuum! We got $60 Kohl's cash back which is welcome since hubby and me are in need of clothes and shoes. So our end total WITH TAX was only $273. I was so happy.

I remember seeing better deals a few years ago and I wished I would have jumped on them then but that was then and this is now. I haven't seen a better deal in quite awhile unless you count those factory reconditioned Dysons. And those sell for close to the same price to what I paid! Patience does pay off. It gives peace of mind too.

A Dyson is one of those things I think are worth paying for. Watch for more items I think are worth paying for in an upcoming post.

Has waiting for a big purchase paid off for you?


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