Friday, August 28, 2009

Frugal Living Friday: Common Sense Repairs

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Have you ever found yourself calling a repairman for a home appliance problem? Then when they get there & inspect the issue, you find out its a simple fix? Then you are stuck paying a large service call fee when you could have fixed the problem yourself.

Here is an example. For a week or so I have noticed that our refrigerator wasn't getting as cold as it should. We turned up the temperature but it was not getting colder. My husband said he would look at it. The next morning as I got the milk out it was very cold! And it was a simple, quick fix.

The fridge and freezer work together to keep the temperature regulated properly. See this vent? It is in the top left of the fridge, and it goes to the freezer on the other side.

The problem was this: That bag of bacon bit was standing up blocking the flow vent. That's it! Once my husband folded down the bag the fridge started to become colder within the hour. If we had called a service man we would have paid at least $75 for him to just tell us that.

If you have something wrong with an appliance, toilet, or other item in your home, take some time to check into what might be wrong before you pick up the phone to call a repairman. My husband is handy, but if you are not maybe you know someone who is that could give you some tips. It just might save you lots of cash.

Here are some online resources to learning more about home repairs:


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