Friday, August 21, 2009

Frugal Living Friday: Burp Cloths

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I like simplicity. Especially when it comes to something practical, and something I need.

Almost 4 years ago, my baby then was a HUGE spitter-upper. I am talking H-U-G-E. The poor thing was spitting up hours after eating. I was doing so much laundry I thought I would wear out the washer. I quickly found that I needed about 3 times the burp cloths that I had. But I didn't want to spend any extra money.

One weekend soon after I was at the Other Mother's Quarter Sale and found two soft, thin, and large receiving blankets that were in great shape. An idea entered my head....I could cut them up and sew them into burp cloths!

I was so excited at my little revelation. So I purchased four of those blankets for .25 each. I cut each blanket into the size of burp cloth I wanted.

Then I doubled up the cloth to make it thicker to hold all that gross spit up! Here are a few examples of ones that I sewed together. Mind you, they are not fancy AT I said, I like simplicity. I was a tired mom of 3 crazy kids and I didn't care how fancy they were.

So out of those four blankets that I bought for $1, I was able to get 16 burp cloths! Now you tell me where I could have found that many burp cloths for $1. I was very happy. It helped with the laundry load A LOT.

Now I told you I was simple.....but I thought maybe I should put a decorative stitch on there instead of a straight stitch. I don't know if you can see it very well, but there it is.

You could do this same idea with fabric scraps or anything you are getting rid of. You can make it as fancy and cutesy as you want. It's one more way to re-purpose I suppose.



LyndiLou said...

Great idea... thanks! :)

The Law Family said...

I am so going to do this since I have so many baby blankets and not enough burp clothes. Thanks for the tip.

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