Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thrifty Tip Thursday

I love to organize. I also love to keep lots of stuff.

It seemed I always had lots of papers, little things I wanted to keep but I didn't know where to put. Even papers my kids brought home from school or something they made in church. I just didn't have time to always put them in permanent homes. Does this sound familiar?

Here is how I conquer that problem! I found this idea from Creating Keepsakes a few years ago. Take these manila folders, label them for every month of the year and attach a ring.

I hang these on the side of my fridge on a hook. Now when I have those misc papers, little notes, pictures drawn in church or just things I want to keep but not sure what to do with....I put them in the monthly folder! I have done this for 2 years now and it really helps me keep things in order. It is one of my favorite organizing techniques!

I take this idea a step further. At the end of every month I write a monthly summary of what we did and what happened that I want to remember. It only takes a few minutes. This came in handy just a few months ago when I was completing a 2007 digital scrapbook of our family. All I had to do is go back to these folders, pull out our monthly summaries I made and I had all the journaling I needed. It brought back memories I never would have recalled if I hadn't had written that stuff down. I was so glad I did.


Chels said...

That's a great organizational tip. I have a bad long term memory so it would work great for me down the road! Thanks for sharing!

Doran & Jody said...

Great idea!
Especially the month in review. Too bad I can't remember what happened yesterday....

Heather said...

hey marne. i was remembering this idea you shared about the monthly folders. i think i'm going to do something similar for each kiddo. thanks for sharing this idea!!

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