Thursday, July 30, 2009


Many of you have inquired about my list on the right sidebar of my blog about the rebates I have received over the years:

2003: $94.70
2004: $475.50
2005: $443.42
2006: $651.63
2007: $564.55
2008: $281.89

As you can see, I am pretty anal about keeping track of where my money goes and comes. Just ask my husband. I figure it all out to the penny, and I always know where my money is going. I believe that is KEY to keeping a budget and living frugally. You can't save if you don't know what you are spending. But that is another post....

I used to do a TON of rebates, mostly through Walgreens and Rite Aid. Four and five years ago the rebates were good and plentiful! But now Walgreens has cancelled their rebate program and that took away much of my earnings. So when I do rebates now, they are mostly through Rite Aid and specific manufacturer offers. So far this year I have earned back $102.62 in rebates and I have several out I am waiting on. Not as much as in years past I know. I have not been as aggressive this year in earning rebates. Family issues, having a baby and other things have been taking up more of my time. BUT it hasn't been a big deal because I have my stockpile built up. So missing a few months doesn't hurt any.

I have always gotten every rebate back because I follow the guidelines. Learn more about rebates HERE.

Do you like to do rebates? How much have you gotten back this year?

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