Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My request for YOU

I really, really need you guys to help me with this!

I receive so many comments, emails and responses that I really want to answer. However, most of my readers do not have their email addresses added into their profiles on Blogger. So I cannot respond directly to your questions. It works like this:

Did you know that you can receive comment notification via email? If you haven't already taken advantage of this service, you need to activate it on your blog. If you don't know how, it's really easy.From your Blogger dashboard, select the "Settings" option. From the settings page, select the "Comments" tab. It will bring up a new page, scroll to the bottom and you will see "Comments Notification Email" at the very bottom with a box to enter your email address in.

Add your email address and save your new settings.What I love about this feature is that when I receive a comment, even if my post was a year old, I will still get that comment via email. That way, I don't have to search through each post and check the posts for new comments.

What is really nice about this feature, though, is that when I get a comment, if the commenter has an email address set up in their profile, I can respond to their comment via email! I love this option, but it only works if you have an email address set up in your profile.

I cannot get on my blog and reply to every question, especially when a comment is left on an older post. I would LOVE IT if I could reply to you directly, no matter what post you comment on...even if the post is a year old!

So, my request is that you put your email address in your profile. This is really simple, too, and if you don't want to put your main email on your profile, create a new email address through hotmail or gmail (both free) that you feel comfortable posting for the internet to find.To add email to your profile, from the Dashboard click on the link "Edit Profile". When you are directed to the new page, add your email address under the Identity section. This is also where you can add a picture and change the name that displays on your posts.


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Heather said...

well - here is my test. i've actually had that setting on for comment notification. email me back and let's see if it works.

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