Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family Fun Magazine for only $5 per year

There are always deals floating around for Family Fun Magazine, which by the way, is my FAVORITE magazine ever! I have subscribed (mostly free) to this magazine for 8 years now. It is full of great crafty ideas, fun family recipes, and AWESOME birthday ideas!

A reader (and cousin!) Amber, emailed me about this great offer she found: You can order up to 4 subscriptions to Family Fun for only $5 a piece! What a deal. It's a great idea for gifts for your friends or family members. GO HERE for the details.

Also, I posted last week about how you can get a free subscription to Family Fun. If that offer is still going you should do that one for yourself!

Thanks Amber!


"R" Team said...

When I went to the web site I could only see a 10 magazines for $10. Do I need to go somewhere special?

Marne said...

No, it's there. Click where I linked GO HERE. That will take you directly to the page to sign up for the $5 deal.

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