Monday, March 30, 2009

Albertson's shopping trip

This morning (early!) I went to Albertson's before I had to get my son off to school. My store was still well stocked on the cereal, except the Trail Mix Crunch which was getting low. As you can see, I needed a few various other things besides the sale items, but I still only spent $19 on everything you see here! I actually had coupons for every single item except the eggs and celery!

Retail cost: $117.23
Out of pocket cost: $19
Percentage saved: 84%!!

The cereal averaged out to be .05 for all 15 boxes!! I spent $15.05 on all 15 boxes (after all my coupons) then I got back three $5 catalinas to use on my next order. I used those immediately on each order to help with my out-of-pocket cost. I did 3 separate transactions to get my $5 back each time. Read more details HERE.

My milk was free. See details on that HERE.

The candy cost me barely over $1 a bag. I combined store and manufacturer coupons to get that price. The store coupon is in their weekly and Sunday ad, and the manufacturer coupons were coupons I had saved from inside a Valentine's box! (remember, save your coupons!)

The pineapple was .73 per can. They are on sale for $1 a can, then I used 2 .55/1 coupons from yesterday's SS insert.

Tostadas were .99 after using a $1 coupon. Even my salad I had a coupon for! It cost me $1.79.

The Kraft dressing and crackers are part of the KRAFT PROMO. I ended up spending $3.38 on both boxes of crackers AND the dressing!

Have a good week shopping!



Momza said...

Oh my goodness. What a smart gal you are!

Dave and Shatzi said...

I found your blog a little while ago. Thanks for sharing! You have such great tips. I'm gunna steal your button and add it to my blog.

Pam Pugmire said...

Hey Marne, Is there a way for us to get those coupons from the Sunday paper without buying it? Yeah, I'm cheap!

Marne said...

Hey Pam!

Thanks for giving me the info on the museum. I will add it to my local info and make an updated post.

As for the coupons, you can always ask around to friends and neighbors. There are many people who get the paper and don't use their coupons! BUT...I PROMISE YOU (and I show much evidence on my blog) how my cost of the newspaper is made back 10x with the savings I get.

I get multiple coupons from friends too. I only get one Sunday paper right now. I pay $2 a week for the daily paper, including Sunday! It's a great deal through the Idaho Statesman. You prepay for how ever many months you want the deal. It is a 50% savings on the regular subscription rate. I love reading the paper everyday though so I wanted the daily paper.

You can also get the Nampa Sunday paper (which sometimes gets different coupons) for only $13 a month for the daily paper AND 4 copies of the Sunday paper! It's called the Thrifty Mom deal.

It depends on how aggressive you want to start couponing. I will go over all this in my coupon class next week at Enrichment.

mommyoffour said...

Hey, I have recently found your blog and LOVE it! Thanks for all of your helpful information!

I have to ask you though... where did you find the tostadas? I looked by the taco shells and couldn't find them. I had my two year old twins with me and they were losing patience, so I didn't have time to hunt the entire store. :)

Thanks again this awesome blog!

Marne said...

The tostadas were with the tortillas at my store, on the endcap. Not on the asile with the taco shells. Ask an employee if you can't find them.

mommyoffour said...

Thank you so much! I asked an employee and they took me to the tostadas by the taco shells. Apparently I asked the wrong employee. :)

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