Monday, February 9, 2009

More good deals

Tomorrow is the last day to double coupons at Albertson's! I am having so much fun with this! This morning I got:

1 Suave body wash, 12 oz
1 Olay body wash, 25 oz
1 pkg Dixie napkins, 200 ct
1 tube Colgate kids toothpaste

I paid $2 for everything, including tax! Awesome! There are lots of items on clearance you can double your coupons on, so take your coupons with you to the store to see what deals you can find!

Also, check out my post below about Walgreens this week. More great deals. I spent $15.69 out of pocket this morning and I am getting back $13.98 in rebates!


Shannon said...

It was good to see you this morning. I hope the get more razors. Thanks for all your tips. I love saving money. I have some doubling coupons left I need to go use. It's hard to decide what to use them on.

Marne said...

If you are out of coupons Shannon to double I will take them! I have a few more I wanted to use. I was good to see you too!

April said...

I spent $40 dollars this morning

3 jars of olive oil
2 macaroni grill dinners
3 onion soup mixes
1 lime
2 bags of Tyson chicken
6 bottles of olay, caress and suave
4 bags of tator tots

I know $40 dollars seems like a lot but I was very excited about the olive oil and chicken- one bag of chicken only cost me $1.99 and of course everything else was out of stock...girls have RSV so I couldn't go on the first day of the sale-

Gary Horton Family said...

where are you guys getting your coupons?

Marne said...

The Sunday newspaper and internet printables! I also get a lot of my coupons through the mail. Look over on the left sidebar of my blog, click on the coupon categories that will explain everything!

Shannon said...

I went in to our Albertsons last night to use my last coupons. (Thanks for the tip on the napkins by the way.) and they still had coupons left. I only took 3 papers but there was at least 20 behind customer service. Just ask. Also I took my 1.00 off Scotts tissue from Sunday paper and they had them 10 for 10. So they were free no coupon needed. They weren't marked that down TP aisle but they had a display at the back of the store. So make sure you go get your free TP today. Maybe I will see you there. Have a good day!

Marne said...

Thanks Shannon! I did end up going tonight and getting the free toilet paper and a few more deals. Fun!

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