Saturday, October 4, 2008

My first time ever doubling coupons

I was able to participate in double couponing for the first time ever! Yay for KMart Super Double Coupon Days! It was kind of exciting! Right now I don't have any coupon multiples so most of everything I got was single stuff. But I was really happy with all my deals. It was so awesome that the register froze when I was checking out and it took 45 minutes to get through it kids were so good (and considering my daughter was starting to feel sick I was very happy.) Even with all that I'm glad I went. I paid $60 for $168 worth of stuff, and $14 of that is diapers, plus a 2-pk of princess toothbrushes on clearance for .87 cents. So I really paid $46 for all the deals. YAY!

Here is some of the stuff I got for free:

  • taco shells
  • several bottles of the shampoo
  • the Resolve
  • the Endust
  • Visine
  • Clearasil
  • Juicy Juice
  • some of the body wash

Most of the other stuff I paid between .25-.75 cents for, except for the toilet paper ($3), Tide ($3), Renu Contact Solution ($4) Airborne ($3.50) and a few others. I think I got great deals on everything and am really happy with my stock-ups!



Yellow Fence said...

I've been doubling all week. It's SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

Marne said...

I wish I had the chance to double all the time. Idaho just doesn't have it, at least on my side of the state.

Holly said...

I'm glad you were able to get over there. I think I paid about $51 and saved $98. It was so good!! I should have taken a picture.

Tami said...

Boo hoo! I couldn't double here in Logan. Too bad I didn't live closer and give you my multiple coupons!

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