Tuesday, September 16, 2008

School Supplies

Now is the time of year to start watching for school supplies on clearance. Stock up for next year, supplies you might need later, or even for donations. Target right now has their school supplies at 75% off (not the backpacks yet, though).

A few years ago I was totally stalking the backpack clearances at the stores. I was re-doing our 72 hour kits and wanted some nice backpacks. I got some super good BIG backpacks at Shopko for around $7 each...they were normally close to $20 regular price. So keep watch if you need larger backpacks for 72 hour kits. Every week more stuff goes down in price!


Christina said...

We also bought our 72 hr. kit backpacks at DI last year. $2-$4 each! We just washed them up and packed them full. They work great.

Jackie Rama said...

Thanks for the tip! I went today and got a mountain of fun stuff for $10! I LOVE YOU BLOG!!!!!! I'VE SAVED SO MUCH MONEY LISTENING TO YOU!!!!!

Marne said...

Yay! Glad you found some stuff!

FYI: I was at Target tognight and found some AWESOME deals! Insulated lunch packs for $3 or less, Thermos mugs ($15 regular price) for $3, and tons more! Also, backpacks are 75% off now!

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