Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend shopping

As I was out and about this morning running a few errands, I ran across some good deals to share with everyone.

Old Navy is having an extra 50% off their men's clearance! It totals about 75% off original prices. All other clearance is 50% off original prices. Your Old Navy store might be different, call ahead before you go to find out.

Shopko had some great items on clearance today. If your daughter likes High School Musical, there were insulated lunch bags for less than $2, at 75% off. I was excited to find some smaller baskets for 90% off....I have been looking for some anyway to organize a few little things in the garage. All their garden and summer stuff is 60% off as well.

Just a few deals I found today....maybe you can find some great deals this weekend! Happy shopping!

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