Monday, May 5, 2008

Secrets & tools to help you maximize your usable food storage

Deann from Pinching Your Pennies has put together a fantastic resource list! HERE is the link to her original post on all this, you will want to read all of it. I will just summarize here for time and space reasons.

Have you ever been overwhelmed, confused or discouraged by all there is to do and keep track of when it comes to your food storage? Deann has listed the cycles of sales and other tools to help keep you on track and organized. She has many years of experience and is willing to share. Thanks Deann! She put this together month by month to help with planning.

In her words:
The first item is a detailed listing of what & when the Seasonality Sale Cycle of Retail Operations are. This can assist in maximizing planning/stretching food storage dollars.

Next tool is a Food Storage/Stockpile calculator (this is an EXCEL spreadsheet) to assist one in getting a grasp of what is literally in the pantry/freezer, how much one uses in a 12 week period (the average period til an item goes back to its lowest price again). And how much of an item, a family unit NEEDS to have on hand, too. Time spans can be customized for other time frames or one can literally see how much TP is used in any given amount of time.

I really like the excel calculator she set up, and I plan on using it. How do you keep track of everything, and what system do you have?

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