Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free Scrapbook Sketches

There are literally thousands of free scrapbook sketches out there. Why pay lots of money for books of sketches when you can get them for FREE? Check them out, print them off and create your own library of sketches.

Becky Higgin's Sketches
30 Bonus Becky Higgins sketches (pdf file)
Card Positioning Systems
Linne Faulk Card Sketches Blog
Little Book of Sketches
Lucy's Sketch Blog
Page Maps
Pencil Lines
Queen Geek Sketch Blog
Scrapbook to Learn
ScrapbookWorm Sketch Blog

Scrap Sketches Blog
Sketch idea site
Sketch it

Sketch me if you can
Simple Scrapbooks Sketches
Stickers N Fun
Triple the Sketch
Wendy's Sketch Blog


Scrapbooking Sketch Lover said...

Wow...This is a great list! Thank you! I'm going to have some fun going through these. I also wanted to let you know my favourite source of scrapbooking sketches:

They have over 1000 sketches.

Thanks again for the great list!

Marne said...

Thanks for adding your favorite website! I just updated my list, and also the category off to the right on my sidebar.

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