Saturday, February 20, 2010

Construction Zone!

I'm sure you have noticed my new blog layout! Thanks to Julie at Zip Zog Zoom!

Bear with us as the rest of the blog gets put back together. It has been quite a process!



Rachelle's site said...

Cute! I like it!

Cathy said...

Love it Marne! So cute! Does this mean you're back at it?

i will survive said...

ok i love this new layout and the font and everything about it. so cute. i'm so jealous of creative people who enjoy creating cute pages. i just don't have the patience. you should have a contest and then rig it so i win a blog face lift. :) hee hee just kidding!

Michelle said...

Hello Marne!

I think the new appearance of your blog is so cute and appropriate. I love the blog-lift :)

Michelle W, RDH

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