Friday, January 29, 2010

General Mills Cereal

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MyBlogSpark contacted me at the beginning of December and sent me coupons for 4 free boxes of General Mills cereal courtesy of General Mills. They also sent me this new information from General Mills.

General Mills has announced a commitment to further reduce sugar in cereal marketed to kids ages 12 and under. They are also adding more whole grains, calcium, and Vitamin D to many of their cereals as well. It's also been proven that people who don't skip breakfast have a healthier weight and lower Body Mass Index. GO HERE to read more on cereal health.

I have always been a breakfast eater. I am hungry in the morning, plus I know that eating breakfast kick-starts my metabolism for the day. Eating a healthy breakfast is important! And we love cereal in this house. We eat cereal almost daily either for breakfast or a snack. Right now I have 60 boxes of cereal in my stockpile. And that is low for me! :)

These are the cereals that I bought with my free coupons from MyBlogSpark. Yes, I know that some of these cereals have more sugar in them than others, but I chose to get these kinds as a treat for my kids since I never buy these types of cereal. In fact, the Lucky Charms is what we are having for breakfast on St. Patrick's Day. I love to plan ahead!

Anyway, back to breakfast....there are so many kinds of great cereals out there. And General Mills is taking a step in the right direction by lowering sugar content and adding whole grains and vitamins. According to General Mills, cereal eaters also consume more fiber and get more folic acid, while eating less calories for breakfast than non-cereal eaters. Start eating cereal for breakfast and see for yourself!

Here is a link to a printable coupon for $1/1 of four General Mills Cereal. Remember, you can print it twice!

Thanks to MyBlogSpark & General Mills for sending me the coupons!

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AnimeshSingh said...

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