Saturday, November 7, 2009

Next Week is Giveaway Week!

Okay everyone.....are you ready for some FUN?

Everyday next week, Monday through Saturday, I will have a giveaway going on!

That's SIX awesome giveaways!!!!!

Some have to do with couponing, some are just plain FUN! There's a new one every day.

Why am I doing this? Well, just because. I thought it was time to do another giveaway...but then I also thought it would be fun to do SEVERAL of them! Think of it as early holiday cheer!

Each giveaway will be open for just 4 days. Be sure you keep track of which ones you enter. I will be posting reminders too.

Make sure you stay tuned every day for something new to win. Tell your's going to be a fun week!


1 comment:

2busy said...

Very excited! I'll be tuning in...

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