Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Coupon Binder

I have been needing another coupon binder. I can't even close mine! With 6 Sunday papers every week the bulk adds up quick. I ordered a new coupon binder and I have it!!!! I am so excited....in a few days I will show you my new binder and how I organize my coupons.

Stay tuned!



Josh and Kelsey said...

how do you get 6 papers? Is it really worth paying the $1.50 x6???

Marne said...

I actually pay $12 a month for the daily paper, PLUS 5 Sunday papers. That is only $3 a week for 11 papers! Then I have a friend give me their Sunday coupons every week for a total of 6 Sunday papers. It is so worth it, especially when Albertson's puts out their doubler coupons. I will go more in detail when I do my post later this week.

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