Thursday, November 19, 2009

Money Back Guarantees: Only use if you need to

I had a reader email me with a few concerns today about money back guarantees, specifically regarding the post I made a few days ago about the money back guarantee offer from Pantene.

I just want to make it clear to everyone my stance on offers like this. I do not advocate taking advantage of these offers. I do not send in for a money back guarantee offer unless I am truly dissatisfied with the product. And I hope that you don't either. Not doing so would be dishonest.

In posting that Pantene offer, I was only informing you that it was available in case you can use it. Since it is a 1800 number offer, I had not called to verify since I don't need to utilize the offer. That's it. I was not implying anyone take advantage of this offer.

Many other websites also post money back guarantee offers to let people know what offers are available. Just because you read about a deal on my blog doesn't mean that I always get that deal. Last month I posted about a coffee deal, but I do not drink coffee. But many of my readers do so I posted it for them. Such is the case with probably half of the deals I post. Just like you, I don't have time to get every deal, nor do I want every deal. But everyone is different with their interests so I choose to post a variety of deals and offers to share in case they might interest you.

I want to thank everyone for being a loyal reader to my blog and I hope if you have any other concerns you can post or email me. Thanks!

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