Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Target Price Matching Specifics

Have you been price matching at Target yet? I did it today, with success, but the kind associate at customer service told me some things I think you need to know if you plan on price matching at Target.

1. You must have the printed ad with you.

2. The item you want much match exactly. There are no size substitutions.

3. You cannot match prices that you get by using a savings card at another store. For example, if granola bars are $1.50 per box when you use your savings card at Albertsons, you cannot match that price at all.

4. They will not match percent-off savings.

5. They will not match additional saving promos (like the promos Walgreens have of buying 5, get an additional $2 back).

6. It must be a current, weekly price to qualify.

If you have price-matched at Target, did it work for you?


Lindsay Riggs said...

It worked, but it was a pain because they can't do the price matching at the regular cash register; you have to go to the customer service counter (at least at the one I went to here in AZ). Plus only the head of customer service even knew what I was talking about. Definitely not as easy as Walmart price matching!

Sara S. said...

Yes! Did it this week at the Eagle and Chinden store. Easy as pie. I already knew that I needed to bring in the ad and go to the customer service desk. There weren't any other customers, so they also let me check out my other items and pay for it all at once. I am definitely excited that they are doing this now, as Target is right around the corner.

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