Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Have you heard about Evernote? I. LOVE. IT.

I read about Evernote online a few months ago and I have been using it ever since. It is the perfect organizing tool! Here are just some of the things it can do:
  • Keep recipes organized
  • Save web searches
  • Clip complete articles, including photos
  • Ability to click to the original web address from your note
  • Record audio clips & memos for later
  • Write handwritten notes in digital ink....to do lists, notes, and reminders
There is a free portion of Evernote, which I use, and there is an upgradeable version for a monthly fee. But the free edition works for me just fine.

What do I use Evernote for?

You know how you run across blogs, websites, and all sorts of ideas online? Ideas you want to remember for later. So what do you do? You bookmark the site, only to have a HUGE favorites list or it gets lost in the shuffle. I love Evernote for this every reason! I can immediately save what I am looking at in Evernote, put it in the proper category and done!

I have made all sorts of notebooks in my program....birthday party ideas, home decor ideas, projects, inspiration, recipes, etc.

Plus, when I put in the photo or post, Evernote automatically copies the direct link. So I always know where it originated from!

Here is what I love about Evernote:
  • Clean layout and simple design
  • Easy to figure out and understand how to use
  • Organizes everything!
  • Keeps all your different notes in ONE SPOT
  • Eliminates clutter
  • Is hooked up with IE 6 so I can add a note in seconds (right click on your mouse and you will see the option if you have IE 6)
  • I can always find the original source for things!
Try Evernote today! It's free! You will love it.


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