Monday, October 19, 2009

$2/1 candy coupon! has put out a $2/1 bag of Wonka and Nestle candy bags, 24 oz or larger. Print it now to have on hand for after Halloween clearance. I bet you could score some free candy!

Remember to print both coupons twice, so you have 4 coupons total.

Print these coupons before they are gone!


Hilarie said...

Make sure to check the expiration date, the ones I just printed expire on Halloween, but this is still a great savings!

Lindsay Riggs said...

I'm so frustrated! Our Fry's had a six hour sale where bag of Wonka candy and bags of Nestle candy were on sale for less than $2. I printed the coupons (2 of each) and ran to Fry's (inconvenient for my schedule, but worth four bags of free candy). I got to the check out and the lady told me that they couldn't take the coupons because they were worth more than the item cost. What??? I thought I have seen on here when you have purchased "money maker" items when your coupons were worth more than the item cost. I was so frustrated! Any ideas why this happened?

Marne said...

Hi Lindasy, sorry you had a bad experience. I don't know Fry's coupon policy (I don't have Fry's here) but stores here like Target and Albertson's will adjust the coupon amount down to the price of the item so you end up getting it for free. I would find out from Fry's what their policy is so you know for future.

As for money makers, places like Walmart will apply the overage to the rest of your order. So you come out ahead. Or at Walgreens & Rite Aid when after you get a RR or rebate back that is more money than what you paid out of pocket.

Hope that helps!

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