Friday, September 18, 2009

Watch cable, free!

One of the ways we choose to cut back on spending is by not paying for tv. In 11 years of marriage, we have never paid for cable or satellite tv. When there are big games to watch we usually go to friends' homes.

But for the BSU game tonight, we have another option! Thanks to my good friend, today I found out how we can now watch some of those ESPN games we are dying to watch! Go to Channel and you can watch many games and shows that are on cable for free!

Thanks, Coralee!


Red Head Family said...

Just went there and my husband says he's in love. Thank you (I think)!!!!!

amanda said...

Did you have to pay a one time fee to download the software??? Where did you go on the home page to set this up? Also do you know if it has the Versus for the BYU game today?

luvmy5boyscora said...

So, whose this good friend of yours?? :)

Marne said...

Yes, you are awesome Cor! Thanks so much. We had a great time watching the game last night!

Amanda, just go to It doesn't cost anything! Scroll down the page and you will see links to all sorts of stations, ESPN being one of them. Last night I knew the game was starting at 7pm. I clicked on the ESPN link before that and it was just a blank page. After 7pm the game was on!

I don't know the particular games on ESPN so I just recommend you check and see. I knew the BSU game was going to be on ESPN so if you know it's on then you should be able to watch it.

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