Friday, September 18, 2009

Frugal Living Friday: Save more, spend less

Welcome to Frugal Living Friday! Each week I will feature a tip that can stretch our budget and live more frugally! If you have a tip you want shared on Frugal Living Friday, let me know and you could become guest blogger for a day.

What did you do to live frugally this week?

  • Did you spend $10 less at the grocery store than you normally do?
  • Did you resist buying those shoes you just had to have?
  • Did you push aside the temptation to go out to dinner and stay home instead?

Whatever you did this week to live more frugally, good job! Most of the time it is baby steps to keep on track. We all have times when we spend more than we should. The key is to get right back to spending less and saving more.

This week I challenge you to cut one thing out of your life that you can spend less on. Look at your spending habits. Cut at least one extra spending item out. Put that money away. If you continue to do this you will be amazed at how fast the money adds up! Pretty soon you can be on track to saving around 10% of your monthly income, which is what we do. Start building up your emergency fund.

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