Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Couponing: Is it dominating your life?

There is more to life than couponing!

Additionally, there is more to saving money and being thrifty than just couponing. Don't get me wrong...couponing is a good thing and can save us lots of money. And I coupon on a regular basis.

But there is a point where couponing can get out-of-control obsessive....where we are buying things we don't really need, buying too much of things we do need, and spending valuable time running around when we could be doing other things.

At this busy time in my life I am having to choose to cut some of my couponing time out and spend more time in other areas of my life. Have you felt this way before? If you do, please know that there are many ways to save money, cut back on expenses, and live frugally besides couponing.
  1. Menu plan. By sticking to a meal plan and buying only what is necessary, you can cut at least 30% off your monthly grocery bill.
  2. Don't buy extras. Do you really need that box of crackers or that bag of chips? Nope. Skip the packaged snacks and you will also save big.And not just your wallet...but your hips too.
  3. Don't always be on the go. Just because there are good deals doesn't mean you have to hit every one. Stay home more often and you will cut not only your gasoline bill but your wallet will thank you.
  4. Skip eating out. The average family eats out at least twice a week. Yikes! That adds up fast. Make homemade pizza instead.
  5. Start cooking from scratch. It really doesn't take much more time. You only think it does. Give it a try.
  6. Be thankful! When you appreciate what you have instead of always wanting more, you will be content and not desire more, more, more. We already have so much!



jskell911 said...

Excellent points. I used to feel like I was missing out on something if I missed a deal. All it took was one time, having stocked up too much on something and having to throw it away because it had reached beyond it's expiration date to cure me.

Don't get me wrong, I love to shop for the deals, just more in moderation now.

And yes there are so many other ways to save money! Every little bit sure does add up!

Sherri said...

Im glad you said it Marne! Well done! I am trying to remind myself of this because I just missed out on a great deal on yogurt at Albies. Our children need us and its hard to juggle everything and get every deal. I hope you are feeling better. I've been thinking about you.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Great post Marne! Some times I miss out on things because LIFE happens... and it's OK! I always tell myself, "There will be another deal!". :)

- Cathy

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