Friday, August 7, 2009

Why I love Albertson's

One comment I get from people all the time when I tell them I do most of my shopping at Albertson's is "Really? How can you do that?"

Simple! Albertson's has awesome sales....and I combine that with coupons and I get stuff free or dirt cheap! Here is an example from the sale going on this week. Care to guess what I paid for everything pictured here?

I paid $13.92 out of pocket.

BUT...then I got $17 in catalinas back! So I got paid $3.08 to buy this stuff! Can Walmart or Winco do that for you? I think NOT!

Catalina's are coupons that print at the register after your purchase. The promo this week is when you purchase $30 worth of participating items you get $15 in catalina's back to use on your next purchase. So the $15 is essentially like cash. You can use them on your next purchase of $30 and so forth, and keep getting the $15 in catalina's back. See what I mean?

In the purchase I made this morning above, I used $16 in catalina's from a previous purchase, plus I had $4.70 in coupons to use. AND, I got another $17 in catalina's when I was done. SWEET. I got the $15 from the promo purchase, plus $2 in catalina's from the Skippy. That is an additional promo running until 8/11. Find more details on current catalina promos HERE.

Starting to see why I LOVE Albertson's? You should be in love too!

So far on this sale I have not gotten any Ragu sauce (except the one bottle in this photo) which is what I REALLY want. I got up early today and none came in their shipment last night. on the lookout for Ragu for me! I want to stock up. But otherwise I have spent only $40 on $320 worth of items! That includes Bounty paper towels and Charmin. WOW!

For details on the sale this week, HERE is the printable shopping list. These details are good for the Northwest Region: Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. There might be slight differences in ads for produce and meat but the promo should be the same.

HERE is information like current catalina promos and additional printables.


Monica said...

Love it Marne! That is awesome!

LyndiLou said...

Amazing! Just awesome! I need to get over there!

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