Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thrifty Tip Thursday

The end of summer is here. That means sales/clearances will be starting on perennials, trees, bulbs, and other garden goodies! Fall is the best time to plant trees and perennials...did you know that? I have already seen local sales starting at 50% off. Watch the stores in your area. Last year I got a burning bush and day lilies at 75% off.

Another way to save money on plants when you are looking for perennials is to get starts from someone you know. Perennials are the plants that grow back every year. In the fall and early spring you can get a start off the full size plant and re-plant it somewhere else. FREE plants! If we all shared what plants and flowers we had this way we wouldn't need to buy nearly so many.

Ask a neighbor or friend about getting a start from their perennials.

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