Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rite Aid freebies

Everything pictured here I paid $18.48 out of pocket after coupons and discounts.

BUT...I will be getting $18.66 back in rebates! I love free!

In case you didn't know, if you have a Rite Aid card, you get 20% off certain purchases the first Tuesday of the month. That is when I bought these items, so I saved an additional $.60 cents. Any other Tuesday of the month when you use your Rite Aid card you get 10% off Rite Aid brand items. Also, if your Rite Aid accepts internet printable coupons you could come away from this transaction with a $2 overage! (I forgot to print my Renu coupon...grrr...)

For details on Rite Aid deals this week and a shopping list, go HERE.



LyndiLou said...

When you say Rite Aid card, do you mean credit card, or do they have a frequent shopper card or something?!?

Marne said...

It's a frequent shopper card. Like Preferred Savings at Albertsons.

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