Sunday, August 30, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: August 31

I didn't post my menu plan last week. Probably good...I tried several new recipes and many of them we just didn't care for. I am in the mood for some good food. We did love the Potatoes Anna recipe, which we are having again this week! I have lots of good red potatoes from our garden to use.

I have seen some different ways of posting menus. Not just the dinners but he other meals as well. I think I will try that this week. I am trying to eat better. I will also be posting our weekly Family Home Evening Treat.

Also, if I am trying a new recipe I will have a red asterisk (*) by it. Some new recipes I find online, those I will give a link for. Others I won't put online unless I like them first. Join Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie today!

cold cereal
*banana chip muffins
breakfast burritos

whole wheat pita sandwiches
chicken salad sandwiches
fresh fruit
veggie sticks
zucchini bread
pico de gallo w/tortilla chips

FHE treat:
*healthified chocolate chip cookies (these sound delicious. I will post the recipe if I like it).

1. BBQ, *classic potato salad & fruit
2. * Chicken Tortilla Chip Casserole & salad
3.Frito Dinner & corn
4. *Crockpot Chicken Italiano & Potatoes Anna, green beans from the garden
5. Our 11th Anniversary!!!! Quesadillas for the kids.
6. Homemade Pizzas & veggie sticks
7. Chicken Rolls, salad


Mrs. H said...

Wow, Frito dinner sounds good! I bet my dh would love it!

Thanks for the recipe,

Mrs. H

Becca said...

That frito dinner sounds really interesting!

Marne said...

It's a favorite of ours, I hope you all like it. Many times we just use tortilla chips instead of fritos.

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