Sunday, August 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: August 17

Why is it so hard for me to plan menus in the summertime? Who knows. The lack of a schedule I suppose. In any case, we started school here last week (my kids are in year-round) so hurray for schedules again! I am in the works of planning my menus for 60 days. Maybe I am crazy. I would like to think it will save me in the end. We'll see! I will keep you posted.

Also, all of my menus planned for this week are from my food storage! The only things I need to buy are perishables. Everything else I have stocked. It's a great feeling! I also still have some meals in the freezer, some half eaten some not, so I will incorporate that into my week. Join Menu Plan Monday over at OrgJunkie today!

MONDAY: Grilled red potatoes (from our garden) & black bean and corn dip

TUESDAY: BBQ Cheddar Chicken Rolls ups (use up all that free BBQ sauce!)


FRIDAY: leftovers

SATURDAY: What's in the freezer?

SUNDAY: Pot Roast, Lion House Rice with Herbs, & corn on the cob



Melissa said...

We have lots of BBQ sauce also, so I'll have to try the roll ups!

UnfinishedMom said...

I have a hard time planning in the summer too. What's up with that? Thanks for the link to the Chicken Roll-ups. They look really good.

darnold23 said...

Hope to see you at Crock Pot Wednesdays on this week. Thanks for posting. Debbie

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