Monday, August 3, 2009

Corn on the Cob at Fred Meyer

If you LOVE corn on the cob like I do, here is a good sale. Fred Meyer has their ambrosia corn (my personal favorite) on sale 4/$1 this week. That is the best deal I have seen so far this year and I don't think it will go any lower.

Where have the days gone when we could get corn $1 a dozen? I miss those days!



LyndiLou said...

There was a week earlier this summer where Target had their corn 10/$1.. of course they probably only had 10 ears in stock, but I was completely amazed to even see it in the ad! :)

Marne said...

I have 3 Targets near me and none of them are Super Targets! So I don't get the grocery deals there. Oh well.

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