Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Albertson's 8/5-8/11

If you haven't noticed by now I am not posting regular shopping lists on my blog. It was taking too much time, and you can find those same shopping lists on 20 other blogs out there. I figure why take the time to copy and paste? It wasn't worth it.

BUT....I will post about Pinching Your Pennies. They are the original website for posting grocery & drugstore store lists, over 5 years running! I have been with them from almost the beginning and they started me on my couponing fascination.

Albertson's ad for this next week is up! The list is made from the Utah ad, but it generally applies to not just Utah, but also Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The differences will be slight and apply to things like dairy, meat, and produce.

Check out the Albertson's thread in the forums on PYP. You will find unadvertised deals they post and discussion on the sale, and answers to questions too!


Anonymous said...

hey, have you heard about Albertson's closing? I think they are selling tons of their stores here in Utah and I wonder if it is happening there, too?

Marne said...

As far as I know it has only happened in Utah. Associated Foods has purchased several Utah stores. SO get in on these deals while you can in case they don't last!

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