Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What do I buy?

I always get asked what I buy on a regular basis. I don't have the time to take photos of every awesome shopping trip I do, but I do have awesome shopping trips all the time!

Last night I went to Albertson's and used 6 doubler coupons. I got milk for .49 cents a gallon, Cottonelle toilet paper for .18 cents a roll, and a few other goodies. Albertson's is the main place I shop on a regular basis. People wonder how that can be when their prices are usually more expensive. It's the secret of combining sales and coupons that make it the best place to shop!

I have to buy my perishables a few times a week. Milk, veggies and fresh fruit. I make a trip to Winco every few months to stock up on items I get in their bulk section (like seeds and nuts that I use to make granola). I hate Walmart (but most ofyou already know that) but I do get sucked in to grocery shop there a few times a month. I live right across the street from Albertson's so it's no big deal to go there several times a week. The other stores I plan my trips.

I have a lot of chicken, meat, and other staples in my freezer. I also have a big stockpile of basic things in my "pantry", like canned tomatoes, spices, and such to cook with. So on a weekly basis all I do is fill in the cracks with sale items to renew my stockpile. Every now and then I shop specifically for a certain menu, but usually I plan my menus around what I already have and what I am getting a great deal on that week.

I am trying to eat healthier and not purchase as many processed and sugary foods. I prefer to eat fresh. It is a process with my kids but we are starting a little at a time. I no longer buy fruit snacks, boxed mixes or dinners, certain kinds of cold cereal and things like that on a regular basis. We do have them every now and then. For example, bought pop tarts on a great sale awhile ago to have a couple of boxes when we went camping for a special treat. I try to make most things from scratch and make my own homemade mixes.

I also get asked how much I spend on groceries every month. You do need to keep in mind that prices vary by area and our needs change at times. But I normally spend around $375 a month on food for our family of six. Well, I guess I should say family of five since my baby only drinks breastmilk. :) That is only $93 a week for mostly healthy and fresh foods! Not to bad. When I see news stories on how a family of five spends $3,000 a month on food, that just blows me away! It can be done on a budget, people. I have MORE food now by couponing than I did before and I spent more money then.

I also get asked if we ever splurge. And the answer is YES. We do go out to eat every now and then, and I will get lazy and give the kids cold cereal for dinner. I am not superwoman. I just try to keep a vision and goal and stick to it as much as I can. Life happens!

How about you? What do you buy and how much do you spend?


Karilyn said...

We've been trying to live on a budget for awhile now and had always stuck to $300-400/month for food. Since I started couponing about 3 months ago, we spend about the same but for AT LEAST 3x as much food. I love being able to tell my husband, "um no we don't buy cereal unless it's under $1" And he was so excited for the sweet deal I got last night he took a picture with his phone and sent it to his coworker.
"you saved 97%"--I LOVE IT!

Marne said...

Isn't it great Keri? I have so much more food now than I did before and I spend the same or less than I did before!

Good job!

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