Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thrifty Tip Thursday

Being the middle of summer, we are loving our ice shaver I purchased at a garage sale for only $1. We use it quite a bit to make snow cones. YUM!

There are some yummy flavors of snow cone syrup at the store. Root beer, grape, cotton candy, lemon name it. We bought 4 containers of syrup from Walmart for $1.50 each a few weeks ago. Not super cheap but still better than taking my kids to the Snow Shack to pay for snow cones.

However, I ran across THIS POST from Skip to My Lou on how to make your own snow cone syrup. Genius! I love making things homemade but I am not one to experiment with recipes. Now that I know how to do it, we will be making our own for sure. See if this coupon can sweeten the deal:

Save $2 off any sugar when you buy (10) Kool-Aid Unsweetened Packets (7-31-09) SS-6/21

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katie said...

another tip I heard of is that cash and carry sells the syrup in huge things for really really cheap. We found some great deals for camp food there, ice cream so yummy huge and cheap. Might be a new place I need to go once or every other month

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