Thursday, June 11, 2009

Website Review: Shopwiki Buying Guide

I did a post on Shopwiki a few months ago, but today I will tell you more in detail about what this website can do. It's pretty cool. No matter what you are shopping for online for your children, whether it be clothes, furniture, toys, infant items, games, or books, and no matter what website you want to shop from, go to Shopwiki to find it all in one spot.

Isn't that cool? No more browsing website after website to find what you want. Just head on over to Shopwiki and view everything at once. For example, if you are looking for boys clothing, you will find over 7,000 results to look at. You will find a photo of the item, the price, and a link to the website.

The toys and games buying guide is cleverly organized. You can start right away by narrowing down your you want classic or educational toys? Or maybe creative toys or outdoor toys? From there you will find results just like I explained in the boys clothing. Shopwiki is really easy to navigate and understand. Even if you haven't spent much time on the computer it won't be difficult for you to find your way around.

One of my personal favorite things for kids are books! We love books at our house. I appreciate how Shopwiki has their children's books buying guide set up. There is a list of all-time best sellers from Publisher's Weekly and magazines for children section. Then you can view any book on the web by age category: babies and infant, ages 4-8, ages 9-12, foreign language books, and book alternatives (like audio books). There are also links that take you directly to the Barnes and Noble bestseller lists for the age groups.

What is nice about Shopwiki is you will find every available item online. Shopwiki actively seeks out every store on the internet and what they have for sale. Other shopping websites only show items for sale from websites that have paid to have their items advertised. Shopwiki gives shoppers everything, no matter what! Since I just had a baby I like the infant clothing buying guide. Not only can I find clothing items, but also basic buying tips and sizing information.

When you have the chance, check out Shopwiki and their many different buying guides. You will find them most helpful.

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Design Philippines said...

Shopwiki sounds phenom!

I should look for some boys newborn outerwear

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